Hi I’m emily and sometimes I do stuff meow.


I have this small AS that I maintain and I’m way to hyperfixated on automation and dynamic routeing. At the moment I only have one upstream and I’m not connected to any IXPs, but future expansion is planned.

Physical Points of Presence Upstreams
DE DUS Düsseldorf MyLoc AS49585 - CoreRoute OU

Here some Links:

PeeringDB: peeringdb.com/asn/203819
bgp.tools: bgp.tools/as/203819


DNS Calculator

Do simple mathematical operations using DNS queries.

$ dig @ns.dus.kyouma.net +short txt 1-a-4-m-50-d-250.calc.emily.cat
$ dig +short txt calc.help.emily.cat
"operators are a (add), s (subtract), m (multiply), and d (divide)."
"separate tokens with '-' or '.'"

It should work on every DNS server but sometimes it’s buggy. If you don’t get a result try to specify ns.dus.kyouma.net as nameserver.

Source: git.bsd.gay/snaki/pdns-calc

Things I host

LookingGlass: lg.kyouma.net  
DHT Browser: dht.kyouma.net  
Bitwarden: vault.kyouma.net  
Jellyfin: fentanyl.trade (currently offline)
Cloud: miau.zip (currently offline)